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Social Commitements

Free Medical Camp

We also conduct regular free medical camps to identify diabetes, hypertension and obesity among the general downtrodden people who are not aware of these diseases. Through this camps conducted at various places, about 4000 people are treated each year.


Sugam hospital being situated in an industrial area, found that many people were dying of Tuberculosis due to lack of treatment. So, recognizing this, Sugam Hospital has initiated a free treatment programme for Tuberculosis patient in associated with an NGO, REACH.

Our Hospital gas given one room freely, inside the hospital for one social worker. Sputum Examination, which is the backbone of Tuberculosis treatment, is done free of cost to the patient by our Hospital. Outpatient consultation and physician’s consultation are given free of cost. Anti – Tuberculosis medicines are obtained from Government and given freely.

Due to this initiative from the inception of this programme till date, we have treated 935 patients. Out of this 830 people are free of disease. This comes to 89% success rate which is much higher than the national average. Encourage by this result, we are vigoursoly trying to identify and treat more number of patients.

Our OTHER Social Services

Further, as a social commitment, our hospital also, supports old destitute people through an NGO, Christian welfare association.

Poor children in and around our area are identified from government schools and these children are given free books and uniform. We are also conducting many programs.

Emergency Services

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