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Indian Patient

Mr. Ramamoorthy

In north Chennai, I feel Sugam Hospital is very good in all aspects like medical care for the patient, cleanliness and all the workers and staff are with good patience and politeness.


The teams of doctors at sugam renders selfless service nurses are hardworking and pleasant all the time. On the whole, it deserves a lot of credit.


Doctors and nurses are duty conscious in taking care of patient-Mr.N.S.Mani.Nurses, dietician, ward boy and ayahs. Their services are very happy and excellent.

It is necessary to mention their spontaneous regularity in giving medicines on time to the patients.

When we need something, response and attention from staffs is good.

About the doctor instruction

Dietician gave useful suggestions on diet for the patients

About doctors, I have never seen a hospital that offers three of more visits to patients per day like “ SUGAM HOSPITAL”. In other countries, it is rare that chief makes regular visits to patients. I was impressed by that particular behavior.

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