Comprehensive cancer care is provided at The Department of Oncology, Sugam Hospital. Experienced team of doctors including Medical and Surgical Oncologists and Radiologists synergise to determine the best line of treatment. Additional support and counselling are provided as an integral part of the holistic treatment to cope with the tremendous physical and emotional stress.

Cancer need not be dreaded any longer. It can be successfully treated in the appropriate hands with little to no negative effects. Our team at Sugam Hospital in Chennai are some of the top oncologists and cancer specialists in the city who know cancer in and out like no other. We are constantly working to meet the highest levels of quality and safety. Our experts provide comprehensive cancer care through high-precision diagnostic and modern medicinal and surgical procedures, making Sugam one of the best cancer treatment in Chennai.

Sugam Hospitals' devoted cancer specialists dedicate their time to provide the most cutting-edge cancer treatment procedures in a comprehensive and compassionate care setting. We aim to provide efficient timeline compliance and excellent patient-centred care. We adhere to the highest standards of excellence and believe in measuring our performance against predetermined goals and charting our progress in that direction. With the patient's best interests in mind, our prestigious cancer treatment facility offers individualised, integrated care that is supported by research.

Services provided by the Department of Oncology
  • Conventional and High dose Chemotherapy
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Haemato-Oncology
  • Palliative Care
  • Preventive Oncology/ Cancer Screening
  • Paediatric Oncology
Our Oncological Diagnostic services
  • MRI
  • CT Scan
  • Mammogram
  • Histopathology

Medical Oncology

The department of oncology at Sugam Hospital is by far the first of its kind in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Headed by one of the most experienced oncologists in Chennai, Sugam offers treatment for diverse types of cancers, and people from all parts of the state visit us for diagnosis at our state-of-the-art diagnostic lab and treatment. The unique aspect of the oncology department at Sugam is that a team of doctors specializing in medical and surgical oncology and radiologists collaborate to provide the best treatment possible.

As the best cancer hospital in Chennai, we thoroughly examine, evaluate, and provide appropriate treatment for all the patients who visit the oncology department. Specialists from pathology and radio diagnosis departments assist the oncology team during the diagnosis phase.

Both solid tumours and haematological cancers of adults and children are treated in the best way at the oncology department. Furthermore, procedures such as pleural and ascitic tapping and bone marrow aspiration are carried out on a routine basis. Moreover, we have the best and most well-equipped blood bank in Chennai at Sugam. The blood bank ensures the availability of all blood groups at all times, and the state-of-the-art ICU at Sugam allows oncologists to treat even acute leukaemia patients.

While we administer monoclonal antibodies as part of lymphoma treatment, high-dose chemotherapy with autologous peripheral stem cell transplantation is the treatment protocol for relapsed multiple myelomas and lymphomas.

The oncology department also offers daycare services with the help of specialized staff who are trained to handle anti-cancer drug administration and oncological emergencies. After completing planned treatment, we educate patients on the importance of undergoing follow-up investigations. Community talks to highlight the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and undergoing cancer screening tests are also held under the guidance of the best oncologists in Chennai.

Surgical Oncology

When it comes to surgical oncology, we maintain international standards and attach equal importance to cure and quality of life after surgery through organ preservation and different types of reconstruction. The best paediatricians in Chennai who are specialized in cancer treatment skillfully handle children afflicted with the dreaded disease.

The surgical oncology team at Sugam has the expertise and experience to handle even complex tumour removal surgeries. The highly trained surgical oncologists at Sugam are adept at performing all types of cancer surgeries. This is possible only because of the availability of dedicated operating theatres, recovery facilities, and capable ICU staff. Sugam’s success rate in cancer surgeries is comparable to that of the top centres in the world. Surgical oncologists at the hospital also perform specialized cancer surgeries.

When it comes to oncological diagnostic services, the facilities at Sugam include MRI, CT scan, mammogram, and histopathology. Furthermore, the services offered by the oncology department include palliative care, preventive oncology, and cancer screening. Additional support in the form of counselling is provided as part of the holistic treatment provided at Sugam. This helps patients cope with the physical and emotional stress they experience.

Cancer Screening / Preventive Oncology

A speciality within oncology called "preventive oncology" focuses on important methods that can either stop the onset of cancer or slow its course. Prevention is an effective approach to addressing the difficult issue of cancer since we currently know that between one-third of cancers might be avoided based on our current awareness of risk factors. Numerous research on the dietary and lifestyle habits of people around the world have shown that cancer can be prevented. Additionally, prevention is economical, its benefits apply to everyone, not just high-risk individuals, and it does not depend on economic factors.

Preventive Oncology services at Sugam Hospital are developed with the main goals of reducing the onset and progression of cancer and encouraging early diagnosis in high-risk groups. Our cancer screening tests can aid in the early discovery of the disease, which, as is well known, increases the likelihood of a successful course of treatment. An essential component of general healthcare is cancer screening. This is due to the fact that the best method to survive cancer is to identify it early on and eradicate it entirely from the body before the malignant cells spread to other parts of the body. Cancer screening conducted by the best oncologists in Chennai at Sugam Hospital aids in detecting cancer early on. This provides them with the knowledge to take the right course to improve the effectiveness of therapy and prevent it from spreading throughout the body. 

The rise in cancer incidence around the world highlights the harmful consequences of the environment on human health. Another group of people with a family history of cancer fall under hereditary risk factors. However, physicians at Sugam Hospital think there is still hope and that adopting healthier eating habits and lifestyle changes can stop the development of cancer cells in our bodies. Our department of Preventive Oncology also conducts routine screening in addition to educating and instilling in people the importance of preventing cancer through dietary and lifestyle orientation seminars and lectures.