Welcome to Sugam Hospital! The Best Ortho Hospital in Chrompet!

Since its inception in 1991, Sugam Hospital has grown into a 250-bed multi-specialty healthcare centre with state-of-the-art facilities. 

The orthopaedics department at Sugam is manned by highly qualified specialists in the field who have many years of experience. The team has the expertise to handle all kinds of treatments, including trauma care. The hospital is also well-equipped to handle all kinds of cases, ranging from simple to complex ones. Besides, some of the best paediatricians in Chennai form part of the team to support the treatment or correction of orthopaedic conditions in children.

At Sugam, we provide world-class and evidence-based treatment for a number of orthopaedic conditions and sports injuries. Our orthopaedic surgeons pool their expertise in different areas of academics, patient care, and clinical research to provide specialized services to treat the conditions such as dislocations, fractures, ligament injuries, cartilage and tendon tears, and chronic conditions that cause joint pains.

Our team of dedicated and highly skilled orthopaedic surgeons at our Chrompet ortho hospital specializes in the treatment of chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis and muscle weakness. Our orthopaedic surgeons are also adept at performing corrective surgeries for joints and spinal conditions such as spinal disc prolapse. The subspecialties of the orthopaedics department include arthroscopy and arthroplasty; treatment for back pain and sports injuries; and all types of joint replacement surgeries.

We provide treatment for various conditions including:
  • Neck, Spine, and Back Pain
  • Trauma
  • Arthritis
  • Joint Pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sports injuries
  • Ligament, Tendon, and Muscle Problems
Specialized surgical treatments offered at Sugam include:
  • Knee and Hip Replacement
  • Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty
  • Microdiscectomy and Spondylolisthesis
  • Fracture and Trauma
  • Shoulder Resurfacing
  • Arthritis Management
  • Bone Tumours
  • Corrective Osteotomies
  • Pediatric Orthopedics

Why Are Orthopedic Surgery And Treatment Necessary?

Many of us only seek orthopedic care when we are in excruciating pain from bone pain that has persisted for years. To begin with, this is certainly not the best course of action. In contrast, you should visit a doctor as soon as you get any type of joint or bone pain. Even if your injury does not now feel serious, you should seek the expert opinions of our orthopedic doctor Chennai for a proper evaluation. Early orthopedic therapy will spare you not only pain but also a significant treatment cost. While some orthopedic ailments can be managed medically and with physical therapy, others require surgery.

Pains should not be disregarded because, if untreated, these illnesses can worsen into life-threatening chronic ailments. One of the key responsibilities of orthopedics is the treatment of pain and the reduction of swelling. The best orthopedic doctor in Chennai suggests exercise and physical therapy are included in treatments along with medication. One of the most common reasons patients seek orthopedic treatments at Sugam is to treat the pain in their muscles and bones. Injuries and chronic bone conditions such as osteoporosis or arthritis can also cause pain.

Our bones and joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles work together to help us walk, run, or do our day-to-day chores. Diseases, disorders, trauma, and congenital anomalies often cause immense pain and discomfort and affect our quality of life. At Sugam, we are focused on helping you lead a near-normal life by providing state-of-the-art treatment and rehabilitative services for all orthopaedic problems and conditions. Besides, the orthopaedics department at Sugam operates under the leadership and guidance of the best ortho doctor in Chennai. Furthermore, we ensure the availability of the services of the top neurologist in Chennai whenever complex spine surgeries have to be carried out.

We provide only the best ortho doctor in Chennai at Sugam Hospital who are devoted towards their profession and won't deceive their patients. They will take into account every therapy option accessible, but they will also be open and truthful about the outcomes. Our doctors are upfront with you whether you are a good candidate for major surgery. Expertise is crucial, but so is having a compassionate and sympathetic approach to your patients. 

Our orthopedic surgeon shows concern and respect for each patient. You can be at ease and stay assured as you can avail the best treatment with our doctors. At our ortho hospital in Chrompet, we work as a team with our patients to cure and recover from disease or injury, by offering relief and healing while keeping a healthy blend of professionalism and empathy.

We continuously try to uphold high standards of professional excellence at Sugam Hospitals. This is because we understand that if you or a loved one is in agony as a consequence of an injury, you require the services of a respected, board-certified, and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon who can advise you on your alternatives. To treat a range of minor and severe diseases, we provide the best ortho doctor in Chennai who combines cutting-edge techniques with conventional therapy.

Our skilled and accommodative orthopedic doctors are willing to examine a variety of choices to personalize a treatment plan to a patient's particular needs rather than strictly adhering to the cliche approach to therapy. They are also prepared to put in as much time and effort as is required to determine the most appropriate and premium therapeutic solution to your issue and hasten your recovery. Our highly skilled orthopedic doctor Chennai at Sugam Hospital stays current with the most recent advancements in surgical methods and technology and uses this fresh knowledge to the advantage of their patients.

It is the facilities available at our hospital that differentiate us from our competitors. They include 24/7 trauma care; C-arm compatible operation theatres; state-of-the-art equipment and instruments; laboratory and radiology centres that operate 24/7; ambulance service, ultramodern physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre; image intensifier; intra-op monitoring capability; well-equipped ICU for postoperative care; and more. 

Above all, Sugam Hospital is consistently rated as the best health care centre for not only routine treatments but also highly specialized medical and surgical treatments, recovery, and rehabilitation. As such, Sugam is your best option when it comes to ensuring comprehensive orthopaedic care.