photo-What women face and when to visit a doctor

What women face and when to visit a doctor

You have got used to your monthly cycle and its accompanying pains and pressures. But when additional discomforts disrupt your cycle, it is time to sit up and take notice. Even mild changes can signal...


Dengue Fever: Fight it with Knowledge.

There was a man who was very scared of Dengue Fever. He kept his surroundings clean, discarded every waste correctly to avoid collecting water in them. He used mosquito netting and repellant at home ...


Healthy liver is vital for long life.

Liver is one of the largest and heaviest organs in the human body. It is found under the ribs in the right side of the body. A healthy liver has the unique ability of growing back when damaged or inju..


Stay hydrated; reduce risk of kidney stones in summer.

When sea water is evaporated in the sun, we get crystalline salt. This is exactly what happens when kidney stones are formed.The water we drink forms the liquid part of urine.Our diet provides the ...


Angio is a knight in shining armour for heart patients.

A heart attack can be really scary for the patient and the family. Sometimes the symptoms can be mild and manifest as a mild pain in the chest, arm or shoulder. It could also be mistaken as heartburn...


Diabetes can complicate life.

Diabetes in the young is hard. Youth is the time of exuberance, the time when you want to try out all new things, but diabetes interferes with life cruelly. Kumar was a young man in his twenties when he ...

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