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Cardiology And Cardiothorcic Surgery

The people of North Chennai have something new to cheer about as they get their first Cath Lab at Sugam Hospital. Now you have complete Heart Care near you.

Angio is mandatory after a heart attack and is a vital test in the diagnosis of heart disease... especially when it is the matter of life.

Through this latest Coronary Cath Lab, Sugam Hospital has been doing Coronary Angiograms followed by Coronary Angioplasty if necessary in cases of Ischemic heart diseases.

Through our Cath Lab our team is also performing Valvuloplasties and Permanent Pace-maker insertions.

Our expert team of Cardiologists and Paramedical staff are available round the clock to take care of any Cardiac emergencies.

Cardiology and Cardio Thoracic Surgery department at Sugam Hospital is committed to prevention and treatment of heart diseases. Current expertise is maintained by a continuous cycle of training, education and evolution of clinical practice to enable the hospital to provide innovative and cutting edge treatments.

We treat major Cardiac Emergencies like Mycardial Infarction, Supra-Ventricular and Ventricular Tachycardia, Atrial Fibrillation, Pericardial diseases, rolex replica sale breitling replica sale rolex replica uk hublot replica sale gucci replica gucci replica Heart Blocks our 10 bedded Cardiac CCU.Our CCU is equipped with ventilators, defibrillators, monitors, mobile Echocardiogram and ECG.

The department employs various modern diagnostic technologies. Computerised treadmill is used to gauge the heart under stress and Holter monitor is employed to check the condition of the heart under normal activity over a period of time.

Services and Procedures offered in our Cardiac Department are

Sugam Hospital invests in the latest medical and diagnostic equipment to reap the rewards of patient comfort through accurate diagnosis leading to timely cures. Upgrading of skills is an integral part of Sugam.

Cardiac Diagnostic Services at Sugam:


High blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and diabetes produce no symptoms in the early stages but cause fatal heart attacks and strokes. Prevention is the best defence where heart disease is concerned. You are at risk if you have

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