And Kowsalya discovered what it is to be a carefree teenager.

Ms. Kowsalya was a 17 year old young woman, on the threshold of vibrant life. It was a time when the world should have been her oyster, when everyday should have been an adventure, when friends, family and fun competed healthily with her studies.

But it was not the case.

She was a frail young woman barely weighing 35 kgs. Breathing was a burden and palpitation hindered her. Her very existence was in question as everyday was a new torture in exertion. She came to Sugam Hospital in search of a cure and a better quality of life.

The heart problem that debilitated her.

Our cardiologist evaluated her condition and suspected a heart condition based on clinical examination and her symptoms. Investigative tests revealed that she had PDA 5mn, left to right shunt. A PDA device closure was performed successfully. The device position and absence of residual shunts were confirmed with descending Aortagram.

The Intenuation of PDA device closure and a happy and healthy teen.

The successful procedure gave Ms. Kausalya a new lease of life. Her heart function restored to normal she discovered what a happy and carefree teen years could be. The Intenuation of PDA device closure at Sugam Hospital secured her life, health and happiness. She is today a vibrant teen looking forward to a life of joy and success with the ability to put in the effort that would reap great results.

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