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Critical Care Medicine

Critical Care at Sugam Hospital integrates various specialities and diverse technologies cutting across the traditional department divisions and draws from a wide range services including Anesthesiology, Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, etc. This unit with its multi speciliaty approach offers a fresh lease of life for the critically ill. All areas of the CCU work towards this goal and definitive nurses training, standardising care, managing in-hospital environment and terminal care aid the superior functioning.

The focus at CCU is high quality care to the critically ill with the members of the CCU routinely providing consultation and monitoring treatment. They work closely with the primary consultant and provide the best care. Sugam CCU treats patients with Cardiac, Medical, Surgical, Paediatric and Neurological ailments.

The Critical Care Unit is demarcated into the following areas

The CCU is fully equipped with the following equipments

Sugam’s Critical care unit regularly handles the following emergencies:

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