Pediatric department treats children right from new born. Complete pediatric focused efficient physicians are involved in the treatment. The department is well equipped to provide all the treatments and support care under one roof.

A blend of caring, innovation and dedication keeps us unique. We understand that a hospital can be a scary place for a child and our internationally recognized ambulatory care service helps minimize a child's hospital stay as much as possible by providing ongoing care on an outpatient basis. This is just one example of the many ways we put patients and families at the centre of our care.

It is our responsibility to make sure our children have timely access to treatment in a caring environment. We welcome, support and respect each child, teenager and family member who comes through our doors. Parents are our 'partners' in care because by working together, we can provide every child with the medical attention they deserve. Our goal is not only to provide ground breaking care but also to develop and recommend measures that will prevent illness and injury before.

Services offered in our pediatric field are
  • Child rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dietetics and nutrition
  • Child guidance

Child Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation team at Sugam hospital collaborates with our patients to ensure that each kid reaches their full potential and takes part in everyday activities like school and plays as much as they are able to. We provide families with the power to care for their children on their own by involving them in the process, and we educate and exercise them at home right from the start. For a number of reasons, children require rehabilitation treatments. Depending on the disease, injury, or medical condition, a child's hearing, speech, or motor function may be impacted. Services for rehabilitation may also be beneficial for a lot of kids who were born premature or with special needs.


Our physiotherapy team at Sugam has expertise in handling children of all ages to provide the best pediatric hospital in Chennai that delivers sophisticated, specialised treatment. Our skilled physiotherapists diagnose and treat newborns, kids, and teenagers with musculoskeletal conditions. Physical therapy may be necessary for your child to cope with a chronic disease, a developmental delay, or the healing process following a traumatic injury or surgery. The development of your child's motor abilities, joint mobility, stamina, and muscle strength are all evaluated by physical therapists using non-invasive examinations. We collaborate with parents to build a home exercise programme as needed, and the families of the patients are actively involved in setting goals for the patient's personalised treatment plan. 

Dietetics and Nutrition

Pediatrician Chrompet at Sugam Hospital collaborates with child nutritionists to aid the family in internalising their kid's needs. They create a suitable nutrition plan and use various modern methods to track your child's development and growth. Our team of highly qualified paediatricians can help you design your child's diet according to their demands by understanding their needs. Your child's needs will be explained to you, along with all the information you need to know about the vital nutrients your baby requires for healthy growth and development. We guarantee that your kids will be well taken care of and healthy with the support of Sugam Hospital.

Child Guidance

Sugam Hospital provides families with thorough diagnostic evaluations performed by a competent team of child development specialists, child counsellors, psychologists, and speech therapists. We provide specialised testing and diagnosis for kids who may have learning, behaviour, attention, or developmental issues or who may be at risk for those issues. Our team collaborates with the child and parents to identify the child's individual profile and establish strategies for leveraging the child's emotional and intellectual development within the environment of the family to attain progress and milestones. Our team identifies obstacles that pose in the lives of the children and provides effective solutions to overcome them.

The department of paediatrics at Sugam Hospital provides comprehensive treatment for various disorders, diseases, and medical conditions in neonates, kids, and adolescents. The department is well-equipped with inpatient and outpatient wings, neonatal and paediatric ICUs, dedicated paediatric OTs, modern imaging facilities, etc., to handle all paediatric emergencies. As a child-friendly hospital, we maintain a comforting ambience to hasten the healing process.

We have some of the best pediatricians in Chennai on our team in the paediatrics department. They are all highly qualified and experienced in their respective specialities such as neonatology and paediatrics, as well as paediatric oncology, paediatric orthopaedics, etc. Specialists at Sugam follow a multidisciplinary approach when it comes to providing high-quality, evidence-based treatments to patients. The doctors are ably supported by trained neonatal and paediatric nurses, technicians, and therapists.

The critical care wing in the paediatrics department at Sugam is by far the most advanced facility of its kind across Chennai. The paediatric ICU and neonatal ICU are equipped with modern life-support systems to ensure that patients have access to the best possible treatment. The expert paediatric and neonatal critical care team provides highly specialized care for medically unstable children and newborns that require ventilation or single- or multi-organ support. The paediatric ICU also accommodates children that have undergone surgeries. By the way, you don’t have to look beyond Sugam for the best pediatrician Chrompet.

What makes Sugam unique in paediatric care is a blend of innovation, dedication, and caring. We recognize the fact that a healthcare facility is a scary place as far as a child is concerned. That’s why we strive to make the paediatric department as kids-friendly as possible and minimize a child's hospital stay to the maximum extent possible. Parents can confidently fix an appointment and meet our pediatrician in Chromepet hospital.

At Sugam, we believe that we are responsible for ensuring that children get access to state-of-the-art treatment in a friendly and caring environment. We ensure that each newborn, child, and teenager who comes to Sugam with various medical conditions get the best care at all times.

We firmly believe that parents of kids are our 'partners' when it comes to providing care because working together helps children get well and leave the hospital faster. Our professed mission is to provide ground-breaking care for all children coming to the hospital and also develop and recommend measures that will prevent illnesses and injuries in the first place.

We offer critical services in our paediatrics department: child rehabilitation, physiotherapy, dietetics and nutrition advice, and child guidance. At Sugam, we have the best ortho doctor who can also provide suggestions on treatments, be it surgical or non-surgical, depending on your children's condition affecting the development of congenital.

Besides all that, Sugam is also a renowned cancer hospital in Chennai for children. Hence, specialists at Sugam ensure complete child care and treatment right from birth with a blend of technological advancement, innovation, and compassion.